Monday, March 29, 2010

Carrigan is doing all kinds of new things these days. It's like she thinks she needs to do something new everyday now that she is one. Luke was reading to her the other day and there were some dogs on the page. He told her the sound a dog makes and she barked like him. It was too cute! She can moo like a cow also. She knows that bows go in her hair. Although she likes to pull them out sometimes, she always tries to put them back where they go. I was breaking pieces of apples apart because the ones I cut up were too big....I found that out after she almost choked on one...YIKES....anyway...she saw what I was doing and tried to do it too. She is starting to fuss when I give her baby food now too. She'd rather eat stuff that she can feed herself. Luke noticed that one of her bottom molars came in. We had no idea....maybe that's why she has been so fussy that past week. Anyway, I guess it's good that it came in. Soon she can start chewing food with her back teeth. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for her. Her hair is getting long enough to put in little ponytails. It looks a little ridiculous, but it's fun to fix her hair.

We went to the park today. She loves the baby swing. She giggles when I push her. She crawled up to the top of the slide all by herself like a big girl. She doesn't like me to let go of her when she slides, but she likes to go down if I hold her.

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