Monday, August 3, 2009

Arizona in August

We flew in to Arizona yesterday. We had a stop in Dallas and then flew in to Tucson. I think Carrigan inherited her Mommy's motion sickness. She threw up several times on the flight from Dallas to Tucson. Other than that, she's a good traveler. She impresses everyone on the plane. She's had a rough time adjusting to the 3 hour time difference. She slept pretty good last night, but we were up and ready to start our day at 4:50 AM.

She get's bored pretty quickly these days so I am constantly having to find new ways to entertain her. We went for many walks today because she loves to go outside...but there is not very many places I can go when we are outside because we are in a hotel. We went to the pool. She slept while I tried to catch some rays, but the sun was hiding behind the clouds when I finally got out there...oh well. It was pretty outside so I stayed out there for a couple of hours.

I was able to address the thank you notes for baby gifts I have been putting off for a while. I had good intentions to send them out in a timely manner, but that didn't happen. I tried to take pictures of Carrigan today so that everyone could keep up with how she is growing, but the batteries in my camera were dead. She wore a new outfit today. It was purple and cute! She is beginning to be able to wear 0-3 month size clothes now, so it's like she has a whole new wardrobe. She has so many clothes of that size. I hope she will be able to wear them all before she grows out of them..but she was in newborn size for nearly 5 months, so we'll see if she stays in this size that long.

Well, time to feed her some rice cereal and get her ready for bed.

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